Socioserve - Ghana is not only involved in direct implementation. We also work as Intermediary Grant Partners (IGP) for some donors. In such cases we work with implementing partners where we provide funds, technical support and continuous handholding to these partners.

In the past, we have worked as IGP for Action AiD’s RAVI project and the Ghana AIDS Commission, where we have supported a total of 24 organizations across the Eastern Region.

When we work with implementing partners, we do not only focus on achieving project deliverables, but also building the capacity of these partner organisations.

We also partner with other organizations with specific expertise so as to maximize gains for particular projects. Currently, we are in partnership with the media, specifically, Rite FM, a Radio Station in the Yilo Krobo district to implement the ‘Know Your MP’ project, funded by STAR-Ghana.

We have also partnered with MEL Consulting Limited to undertake an HIV Baseline Study along the Tema-Paga Road Corridor to determine Knowledge, Attitude and Practices with regards to HIV.

Whiles MEL had expertise in research, we brought expertise in the area of HIV work to the table.

Some of our donors have been Action AiD, ADRA/Global Fund, Village AiD UK, Commonwealth Foundation, USAiD-ProMPT, The World Bank, National Malaria Control Programme, National Tuberculosis Control Programme and the Ghana AIDS Commission.

Currently, we are receiving funding from the Commonwealth Foundation, UK, STAR-Ghana and PDA/Mwananchi Ghana.

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